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H15 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Gemtek Radiant Series

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The placement of the LEDs on our H15 Headlight Bulb is carefully calibrated to be in the same focal point inside the OEM headlight housing for the optimum beam pattern. The use of one-piece housing design with integrated convection heatsink enables us to reduce the size of the bulb to make fitting as simple as possible.

LED Headlight Conversion Bulb  Gemtek Radiant



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Ask a Question
  • Will this fit my late build 2015 MD Mondeo

    Hi, if you car uses H15 bulb for high beam then our H15 LED Kit will fit.

  • Hi there. I have a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Valente. I want to replace the std H15 high beam globes with something more powerful. In other vehicles, I’ve been able to buy 100w High Bean globes to replace the original 55w globes. Will your globes be a good improvement? Thanks, Ian

    Hi, We've compared our led bulbs with 60/55W Narva halogen bulbs on the same headlamp and we've seen 50% increase in lux, and whiter colour temperature 5800K has a higher CRI (Colour Rendering Index), so objects on road will be perceived as brighter and clearer at night.

  • Will this light fit into a ford everest h15 hi drl and is it canbus conpatable

    Hi, If you ford everst uses H15 then it will fit. Depended on your car's electronic control system, it may or may not detect error because the LED bulbs draw lower current than halogen. Our bulbs are canbus compatible with some older ford models like focus and ranger but we are not sure whether it will be compatible with the 2015+ Everest.

  • I have a 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI, i wanted to change the daytime runner/high beam light which is apparently a H15 globe, this light says it has low beam will it still work with my car ??

    Hi, Our H15 Radiant Conversion Kit is compatible with your 2015 VW Golf if your car uses reflector type headlights. Thank you for pointing out by the way! There is an error on our specification page and we've now corrected it.

  • Hi I have a 2019 Ford ranger xlt will these fit the one dust covers?

    It's not compatible with the Ford ranger because the heat sink is too big.

  • Dear Sir, I want to buy pair of H15 led bulbs for my Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016. Do you have dealer in Europe? If you don't how are deliveries from Australia?

    Our H15 Kit will not fit the Ford Ranger Wildtrak due to limited space behind the dust covers.

  • Hello. I have Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016. Factory bulbs are H15 - high beam and DRL in one. Will this lights fit to my car?

    Unfortunately our H15 will not fit the 2016 wildtrack because the high beam socket is on the edge of the dust cover, the heatsink is simply too big for the very limited space.

  • I have a 2014, 220D BMW Coupe, and my high beam bulbs are H15. Will this be the right replacement for my halogens? Also am I likely to get error messaging on my dash? Finally is install relatively easy?

    Unfortuantely our H15 bulbs will cause canbus error on your 2014 BMW.

  • Is the price inclusive of two globes, wiring connections etc

    The price includes two bulbs, they come with OEM H15 connectors

  • i have a 2017 ranger wildtrax will these bulbs fit into the high beam section in the headlights without rewiring etc

    Unfortunately these will not fit the Ranger fitted with H15 halogen bulbs due to limited space behind the headlight housing

  • Hi I have a Mitsubishi evolution viii MR can these globes replace my existing HIDs globes which apparently are no compliant. Or do you have anything else that I can use that is south Australian compliant Kind Regards Andrew

    Unfortunately our LED bulbs are not compatible with models with OEM HID Headlights.

  • Do these fit a 2010 be transporter ? my day time running light / high beam is h15 also I’m after fog lights and h7 low beams to match, all need to be CANBus compatible

    Hi, Volkswagen vehicels use special adapters on all their bulbs so our LED bulbs are not compatible with them.

  • Hi, I have a 2014 vw amarok will these lock&play

    Hi, we are not sure whether our bulbs can be directly fitted to your VW amarok because it may require special h15 adapters for VW group vehicles.