Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lumen?

Lumen is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source, eg torche, headlight. It is like Kgs are to banana, Litres are to water.


What is Lux?

Lux - Lumens per area (Lumens/square metre), indicates how bright is the area of which we pay attention to. For example, the same light bulb emitts a fixed amount of Lumens, by itself light scatters around and the Lux reading is low, with a reflector, all the light are controlled and concentrated to illuminate a small area with a bright beam of light, the Lux reading is subsequently higher.


Higher wattage = Higher output?

For traditional auxiliary lights such as Halogen and HID, yes the higher wattage lights generally have higher output. For LEDs however, the quoted wattage is less relevant since the sole purpose of LEDs is to have the same or higher output while consuming less power. In fact there are a number of factors that affect the LED Auxiliary Lighting's output - such as the efficiency of the driving circuitries, the grade or "BIN" of the LEDs, forward currents, and most importantly, the design of optics. Please check out the comparison below between our G6 Osram Series with our competitors' light below.

Higher Lumen = Higher Output?

By far the most popular spec people look for when purchasing LED lights and it is definitely an important factor. However, Lumen rating of LED Light Bars is only half of the story, how the light is controlled and projected is far more important. Most low cost driving lights use off-the-shelf optics that are not designed for a dedicated model of LED, resulting poor light patterns that is only good at 200m or so. 


What is that little sticker on the end caps?

The little sticker is a Gore® automotive pressure equalizing vent, unlike other  the stainless bolt with a hole, our vents are made out of ePTFE membrane that actually encourages airflow to let moisture out and air in.


What if I change my mind? How do I return it?

If you change your mind for whatever reasons, simply give us a call or send an email to and we can arrange the return process for you. Please note we can only accept a return if the items are in its original conditions and they have not been tempered with.


Wiring Harness Diagram

LED Light Bar Wiring Harness